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Mortgage and Finance

Property financing is available in both your country and in Cyprus. Equity Release in Property in your home Country. This involves borrowing against your equity in property in your home country through your current mortgage bank lender or broker or through the building society. If help is needed we can refer you to a professional financial adviser who can analyse your financial needs and advise you on the best possible mortgage scheme.

Mortgages on Properties in CYPRUS. We advise you to get a mortgage agreed in principle as early as possible, as this will speed up your mortgage application. A survey is carried out by a surveyor on behalf of the mortgage lender (bank etc) to check for any structural problems and advise on the property’s value. Normally Banks give up to 80% of the purchase price with financing terms reaching up to 20 years. Most of the banks supply you with credit information and documentation in your native language. All of the banks have English-speaking staff. Many of our clients are surprised at just how simple it is to obtain a mortgage for their properties in Cyprus. Even if you do have enough capital, it is possible that you will want to consider financing either your former or your current property. Financing your property could increase your chances of eventually buying a larger home than you originally planned, a home which offers more possibilities to expand. A mortgage will enable you to save some of your capital. It could, for example enable you to buy new furniture, furniture you may previously have only dreamed of. We can assist you in finding a different bank for your chosen mortgage. Our advice is free.

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